About PlasticRewards

Nearly five years ago, the ideas driving the design of a new consumer-oriented company came to fruition as Plastic Rewards went live. The need was self-evident. A person could spend hours surfing the internet to find the “right” credit card. Flooded with credit card offers, all with various terms and some with “hidden” costs, or at least costs not easily recognizable at the first glance at their offer, a consumer would likely end up frustrated or find out too late that they didn't get what they thought they had signed up for.

The goal was simple: provide a one-stop site where the every-day consumer interested in earning reward points through credit card purchases could quickly and easily compare any credit card offers available, regardless of what type of reward points they were seeking. Further, the desire of Plastic Rewards was to offer a service where the consumer could easily access the full terms and conditions of each credit card offer, including all annual fees, balance transfer fees, purchase APRs, and balance APRs.

Our commitment to provide the best service in the industry for our consumers drives us to constantly improve and upgrade services we provide. Besides being able to access information distributed by the credit card companies themselves, we also provide evaluations of various credit cards based on personal user experiences. Our newest offering on our user-friendly website is a tool designed with you in mind, and as far as we know, it is the most complete (possibly the ONLY complete) tool of its kind in the industry. The consumer is in the driver's seat as he or she can, in one place, literally compare any credit card out there by simply plugging the credit card name into our user specific tool.

Plastic Rewards is committed to taking the frustration out of your credit card search and helping you to find life just a little more rewarding!

Disclaimer: Plasticrewards has financial relationships with some of the cards mentioned here, and PlasticRewards may be compensated if consumers choose to apply for these links in the content, and ultimately sign up for them.