PASS Card from American Express℠


  • Prepaid, reloadable American Express card parents can give to teens
  • Parents and teens can log in to their own online accounts to check the PASS Card balance, view transactions and setup alerts
  • Limit overspending and avoid teen overdraft fees
  • Safer than Cash
  • Automatic reloads
Intro Purchase APR Intro Balance Transfer APR Regular APR Annual Fee Credit Rating
PASS Card from American Express℠

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Specific Information

Cash Advance Fee One free ATM withdrawal monthly. Thereafter, a fee of $2.00 per withdrawal is assessed against the Card balance.
Issuer American Express


The PASS Card from American Express℠ is a new prepaid, reloadable card parents can give to their teens. Money can can be added to the card either online or via phone with a bank account or with cash. Teens can then use it at millions of locations across the globe in retail locations, online, at ATMs and more. PASS is safer than cash and because it's a prepaid card, teens can only spend the money that's preloaded on the card's account.

Numerous Ways to Load Funds on Card - Funds can be added quickly from an American Express Card, a checking account or a savings account. However, these funds loaded to the PASS Card will be available within 5 business days after the load has been initiated. Cash can also be used to load funds on the PASS. Simply by purchasing a MoneyPak at one of over 50,000 local retail locations. They carry values of up to $500 and once purchased can be used to add funds online or by phone.

Freedom to Manage Money - With the PASS Card from American Express℠ parents can set up automatic reloads online so teens can budget and know in advance when their money will be available. Reloads can also be done at any time. Tracking can also be achieved so teens and parents can view balance and purchase activity online 24/7 or via text messages. Additionally alerts ca also be employed to further maintain control of the account.

PASS on Worrying and Overspending - Parents can feel safe knowing that should the PASS become lost or stolen cardholders won't be responsible for fraudulent charges. Plus, there is no risk of overspending or suffering overdraft fees because teens can only spend what's preloaded on the Card. Parent's can have the peace of mind that PASS can't negatively impact your teen's credit.

Cardmember Coverage - Having a PASS Card from American Express℠ membership has its privileges. PASS comes with Purchase protection, Roadside Assistance, special entertainment access to exclusive events and more. By having the PASS Card from American Express℠, teens can learn financial and fiscal responsibility. While parents are teaching these monetary lessons they still are able to retain some control on the account and know their teens money and credit is being protected.